Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lulu Sex bomb

Height : 5'5
Hair : brunette
Measurements : 32DD-24-35
Birth Place : ??
Date of Birth : 1983-06-10

Lulu Sex Bomb is a beautiful babe straight from Thailand. Big deal you say, Thai models are a dime a dozen. But I guarantee you have never seen anything like Lulu. She is rare among Asian porn stars in that she's sporting giant DD tits!! Pay her a visit and watch her play with her giant juggs and trim, tight snatch!!


- The most explosive adult model out of Thailand

"I'm a very powerful woman which inherited me the name Sex Bomb to all my friends. I'm strong, but I'm also a lady in all aspects. I wanted to build this website and show off my body. My breasts are a 32 DD which look enormous on my slim frame.
When it comes to sex, I love to satisfy a man's most intimate desires. I've pretty much seen and done it all so I am not afraid to do it for you. Inside my site you're going to watch me finger fuck my pretty pussy with 4 and sometimes 5 fingers. I can almost get it all inside. I'm also not shy so you'll actually see me masturbating to orgasm every time."

First impression

The site is colorful, tropical and very easy to navigate. There are no-frills or misleading links, and from the pictures, you get a real feel for the essence of Lulu. The site says, flat out, that she is 26 years old. She's not trying to pose as an 18 year old. Everything about the site, except Lulu's breasts, is real and organic.

Lulu has smooth skin and a dark complexion. Her face and smile are beautiful and her voice and accent are sexy. Her legs are gorgeous and she has a large Asian tattoo on her torso as well as one on her back. Her hair hangs down to her ass and she has a pierced belly button and wears gaudy fake fingernails. Her nipples and pussy are a beautiful shade of brown.

Our opinion

As of this review, there were 28 videos and 60 photo sets available on the site. Two new videos and two new photo sets are added every week.

Videos are available in Windows Media, Real Media and Apple/iPod/iPhone formats, with each in low, medium and high quality versions. Low-quality videos are 264x176, medium-quality videos are 352x240 and high-quality videos are 480x320 (720x480 for mp4 files). Videos are three to seven minutes in length, with an average of 5:45. At normal size, low-quality videos look good but are very small. When blown up to 200% size, the video is very pixelated and unwatchable. Medium and high-quality videos look average at best in high quality. Only exception is the high quality mp4 which I recommend using. Even those could do with a improvement.

As far as the content of the videos and photos on this site, the hardest action I saw was Lulu riding a Sybian and also peeing in a glass. None of this takes away from how sexy Lulu is, and add to that the wonderful outfits she dresses in, however briefly, and you get a hot show. It's a solo site, after all, and there's only so much one woman can do. She prefers her fingers over toys, but doesn't use them in every video.

You can tell from the videos on the site that Lulu likes to feel good. She's not faking it at any point. But I did find myself wanting her to take it further. Instead of just rubbing herself with a cane, for example, I was expecting her to use it more creatively. And instead of simply rubbing her clit, I wanted to see her jam some fingers inside herself. Also, the videos are on the short side, so if you want to get off, you'll most likely have to watch a few in a row. Just saying.

Her movies all have music in them - I personally do not like that. I dislike it even more when the song is the same in a lot of the videos. I like to hear the moans of a model. I like to hear her body as she rubs and fingers it. That is not possible with cheesy music playing. Even worse, when Lulu starts talking into the camera, trying to be sexy, it sounds like the makings of a rap song! Okay, that's it for my rant. Sorry.

There are about 100 photos per shoot. Photos are polished and crystal clear at 800x1200 pixels. You can save individual photos to your hard drive, but you cannot watch them in a slideshow or download a zip file of all the photos in a shoot. In a very common and efficient move, many photo shoots are done before a video shoot, so you'll recognize some of Lulu's outfits or lack thereof.

Games similar to Tetris and Breakout, which unveil sexy photos of Lulu when you play them, are featured on the site. Also available: downloadable Lulu wallpaper, Sex Bomb "e-zine" cover photos to look at or download, and Lulu's journal (usually 1-2 sentences) to read. The site offers 4 bonus sites which all feature Asian models.


Lulu Sexbomb, like any other, has its ups and downs. The bottom line is that it is what it is. As much as I hate that phrase, it is very apropos. It is a solo Asian chick site. Lulu uses a dildo once or twice, gets in a bathtub, plays with her breasts, and fingers herself. Videos are acceptable, but rather average quality. Check it out and if you think she's hot, you'll like the site. And keep in mind that you'll get two new videos and photo shoots per week.


Lulu Sexbomb - Sexybeach - 3 min

Lulu Sexbomb - Animalistic - 7 min

Lulu Sexbomb - Nymphette - 7 min


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