Monday, August 9, 2010

Pauleena de Angelis

Pauleena De Angelis didn't set out to be a role model. And yet by always being true to herself, and never once compromising either her principals, or her looks, she is one of the most potent beauty icons of our generation.

When she emerged in the mid 90's, seemingly out of nowhere, beautiful and exotic, playing major role in fashion photography modeling, she was the icon of cool. Who doesn't remember her from the cosmetics and jeans mega adds we have been surrounded with all the end of the last century; her mystic green eyes were watching us from the mega adds in the airports, her rounded figure making our day in the metropolitan corridors and her sporty body creating a beauty reference for millions in the fashion magazines.

But as time went by, and she took ever greater control of the multifarious aspects of fashion business - producing and controlling the marketing of her own image - Pauleena de Angelis was recast as an icon of womanhood.

Naturally it was all too much for her detractors who just couldn't get their heads around someone looking so good being so gifted, determined and adroit; Pauleena didn't fit into the established scheme of things where female artists were eye candy in a male driven industry. But to her millions of fans around the world, and the countless younger and older women who offer Pauleena their thanks, she is a constant source of inspiration.

However, ironically Pauleena is both an icon, and an iconoclast. She is the myth, the enigmatic diva who has been dominating fashion photography for over a decade. Who cherishes her private life more than anything else and prefers the company of old friends to the glitterati lifestyle. But she is also the myth breaker who has dismantled the old image of a woman, taking the power of creative control away from the fat men in cheap suits and putting it where it belongs, with the models themselves.

For example, one of the dozens of commonly held misconceptions about Pauleena is that each new media appearance is in some way a comeback, as though the girl were reemerging from retirement. Of course, if you wanted to be charitable the sheer length of time between Pauleena's fashion model career and an modern times of the internet diva and now a charity testimonial could provide grounds for such a misconception; ten years from the first high profile fashion magazine cover at the age of 16 through millions and millions of hits on her internet site to her active involvement in the role of an ambassador for the charity organizations.

The real reason is of course very different. Pauleena has quite simply rewritten the fashion industry rule book. Her ever changing looks aren't products that come around with punctuality of trains, they are individual pieces of work that require both a purpose and a reason. And if those creative forces don't dovetail snugly into the established fashion model format, so be it.

The fashion stylist of minimum fuss for maximum effect applies that same principal to her looks; if you have nothing to say, don't say it!

Perhaps the most confounding thing about Pauleena, the one aspect of her character that so annoyed the gossip media in the early years, was her determination to maintain a private life. For those who cared to listen she felt there is enough of her, and her life, in her public appearances. Of course, it wasn't enough and the rumor machine swung into action.

For the record she married an internet businessman in 1998. They parted company some years ago and she now lives in Florida, in a large, uncluttered contemporary house, that she rebuilt an decorated to her own taste. She has the latest silver Mercedes that she likes to drive fast ("she turns into an immature man behind the wheel" says friend, model and photographer Anekee van der Velden), and she has been trying to quit smoking cigars for as long as anyone can remember. And she still stays up very late most nights, a habit that is proving to be quite tiring with a beautiful young daughter to attend to.

You might think that the modern media - television, video, internet - would provide the perfect tools for Pauleena to promote her image across the globe without ever having to leave her door. But that's forgetting the time she spend on the road as a fashion model before, meeting her fans in person on regular basis and as a various charity foundation's testimonials now-a-days. Pauleena de Angelis is first and foremost a live act, and that's where her heart remains. "If you just do television or video or photography you become a tool of the fashion industry," she told recently. "All you are doing is selling a product. It's when I get on stage for fans, or live among people with the charity activity that I defy all those things that have been said about me by fashion and gossip journalists. When I talk to people I know that people really listen. And I can see the results of this fact with the success of the Pauleena de"

Pauleena de Angelis is a big-busted model living in Florida, United States. She is of Brazilian and Italian descent and is originally from Canada.

She states that the volume of saline in her breast implants is "more than 1000, less than 2000."








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