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Deauxma, (n. 25 de enero de 1960) en San Antonio, Texas, es una actriz porno estadounidense.

Hizo su aparición en el cine porno en el 2005 siendo mayor de 40 años, una edad inusualmente tardía, a través de una serie de revistas de adultos como Score, Gent, D Cup y High Society. Se caracteriza por sus ojos verdes, piel morena y grandes pechos.

En lo que respecta a su vida privada, tiene tres hijos y está casada desde hace 26 años con una persona que además de ser su pareja es su fotógrafo, mánager y aparece con ella en alguna escena.

My Bio

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Below is a little information about me just in case you were interested.

Age – Hmmm, now do you really think I’m going to tell you that. How old do you think I am? I fall in that MILF category.

Birthday – I was born January 25, 19?? So that makes me an Aquarius. At least I narrowed it down a bit

Height – I am 5’7”, but I always wear 4 to 5 inch high heels. So on the average, that makes me around 5’11” to 6'. For your information, I love tall men, six foot or taller.

Measurements – If you didn’t notice, I have some rather large boobs. I measure 32G –25-35 (36DD Bra). Those are the new and improved store bought boobs. They came in a set.

Eye Color – My eyes are Hazel. But, I have been told a 1000 times they look green. They really are Hazel.

Hair Color – Originally my hair is brown, but that is subject to change without notice. You may notice that it changes a lot. I'm a woman and that's my option. I like to change it up now and then for a new look.

Muff – At this time, my muff is shaved completely bald, but now and then I will grow a small landing strip. I will not ever grow it out, I hate it bushy. As a hint guys, us women like men that are shaved and trim as well, hint, hint!

Dress Size – I normally wear between a size 6 and 7, depending on the make of the garment. The tighter the better right? Due to my big boobs, it's kind of hard to find dresses that fit right. It's tough having big boobs.

Panty Size – I only wear thongs, or nothing at all. I just hate panty lines. I wear a size medium or a 6. As a note, I have worn full back panties for photo shoots. So if you want to see me wear those, send me a pair.

Favorite Food – I just love all kinds of Italian food. I really don't have a favorite dish. I do love to explore and try new things. Some times I will pick an item off the menu and not even have a clue as to what I ordered. Daring is fun!

Favorite Music – I love to dance to Top 40 and R&B mostly. But, recently I have grown very fond to country music. The female country singers are just gorgeous. Especially Faith Hill. I'd do her! Come to me Faith!

Perfume – I love the smell of Gio for men. But my favorite to wear is Dream Angel- Heavenly. Just in case you want some, you can get it at Victoria Secrets. Or even better, send me some.

Sports & Hobbies – My favorite sport is playing sand volleyball. I also love to watch basketball and football. Go San Antonio Spurs. I am also a huge NASCAR fan. My favorite drivers are #8 Dale Jr. and #24 Jeff Gordon. I love going to the stock car races and wearing tight tops and jeans to see if anybody notices me.

Favorite Color – I just love the colors of teal and coral. It’s a tie, I just couldn’t decide. I think I look good in both of them, but not at the same time. The truth is, I love female cookie pink the best. LICK!

Sexual Orientation – I am very very bisexual. I just love to play with women as much as I do men. I love having both at the same time if I can. I have been in the swinging lifestyle many years now and love meeting and playing with new people. I just love SEX!

Sexual Position – I would have to say my favorite position is having it anally doggie style. I love being pounded from behind as my huge boobs sway back and forth. But then again, having my legs up and over my shoulders doing anally is great too. So many decisions. Don't ask, just Deaux-me!

Magazines - I have done several hardcopy magazines that you can find at your local adult bookstore, and I have also done a few Internet layouts.

If you would like to know a little more about me, just drop me an email and ask. Take care Hugs, Kisses and Licks ...... Deauxma

Interview Date: 01/10/2007

Who says you need to be in your teens or 20's to be one of the freshest and hottest porn stars today? Not Deauxma. She may not be your typical porn star seeing how she is considered to be more mature and definately a super-MILF and she has been turning heads from Porn Valley all the way to the internet. With her southern charm complete with a Texas accent, Deauxma (pronounced 'Doe-Mae' as in saying 'Do Me' with a Texas accent) makes you wonder what it would have been like to nail that really hot mom that lived next door to you when you were growing up. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Deauxma discusses her decision to get into porn later in life, her life away from porn as a swinger and why making porn is no different than the way she lives her personal life.

Big D: You are not the typical brand new porn star that got started at an early age. You got into porn later in life but you are still relatively new. Why did you launch a career in adult now?

Deauxma: That could be a long story. How much memory does your recorder have? (laughs) Actually my husband and I got in and a friend of his suggested that I be a Southern Charm. We said, 'well what's a Southern Charm?' We found out that it is an amateur website and once we got on there we looked around and thought it could be fun. My page was up for only about four days and we got a check and we said, 'okay, this could be really fun'. We've been doing it ever since but really it has been a hobby. I figured I have been married for 25 years and if I can still get the 'Peter Meter' up I am doing damn good. So that's why I am still here and that's why I am still trying to work to keep that 'Peter Meter' up. (laughs)

Big D: You definitely have carved out a niche for yourself in that the MILF genre has really exploded and is one of the fastest growing segments in porn today. What do you attribute that to that it has gotten so popular, so quickly?

Deauxma: I think it is the experience and the sensuality of women at that age now. We bring a lot of experience but at the same time we are happy, we're content with who we are and in our sexuality. We are not afraid to show it and share it with everybody. To me that is very sexy.

Big D: Was getting into porn and making adult DVDs a difficult decision? It was not just you choosing to do this but your husband was involved. Being a part of a swingers network on the internet is one thing but this is porn we're talking about.

Deauxma: We struggled a little bit with it. To me it still feels like it is a part of me. It is just on camera. It's still me. It's not fake. It's not trying to be someone else. It's just me and I have a hard time denying that. If someone finds out about it and they approach me or ask me about it I don't deny it. I say, 'yeah, that's me'.
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Big D: Since making the leap into porn and performing for the camera, who have you found to be the studios you enjoy working for?

Deauxma: Girlfriends Films is probably one of my favorites. They let me do my girl/girl stuff and I love girls. Also, the way they film they just let me go at it. There is no stopping and starting. It is whatever I feel is sexy and sensual that is what we do. Naughty America is another one that is really good. The production guys and the camera guys and everything is there on time. They make it fun. They make you feel sexy. That's really what it is all about. We work with really good people.

Big D: And the other performers? You mentioned you loved working with girls. What girls and guys for that matter are your favorites?

Deauxma: I loved working with Courtney Simpson and Brianna Love. When I work for Naughty America I loved working with Jack Venice and Christian. They are cuties. Bang Bros are also fun to work with. I love the guys down there.

Big D: You mentioned that you and your husband came to this decision together to get you into porn but you work with other guys. You mentioned Jack Venice as one of your favorites. Were you and your husband swingers and had an open marriage before getting into this or was that a byproduct of getting into porn?

Deauxma: Yes, we are in the lifestyle. That makes it a bit easier in accepting it. That's part of being in the lifestyle is enjoying watching each other have pleasure and give pleasure. It might not be us giving it or receiving it, it is about your partner enjoying themselves. I love to see that too. My husband is mostly in the room or in the experience when I am having sex with somebody. He is also getting excited and that in turn spices up our own sex life. It's all good.

Big D: You speak of being in 'the lifestyle'. Did you and your husband meet through this type of lifestyle or did it develop over the years gradually to the point where you are now doing MILF porn?

Deauxma: It was a gradual thing. We had been married probably about 15 years and it was getting a little – not boring – but it was getting a little stale there. We eventually started getting a little bit interested in it and it kind of opened up the door for sexual conversation and fantasy. That then took a gradual step to actually get into it. It opens up the door for communication. We talk about it and we share in what we are looking for in fantasies and in his fantasies. They are always accruing. There is nothing out there that we still fantasize about because it happens. It's great that we can share it too. After the experience and after we have done some lifestyle things, we talk about how hot that was. We'll sometimes talk about and say things like, 'I loved it when I saw you with her and you did this.' I think it is more of an enhancement to my relationship than a hindrance.

Big D: You speak so positively of your experience not only in the swingers lifestyle but of your experience performing in adult DVDs. Obviously the adult film industry does have its critics who are quite vocal about their opinions on porn. What's your reaction when you encounter someone who is not as open minded as you and they pass judgment on your choice of career and your choice of lifestyle?
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Deauxma: I can see where they would see porn as exploiting women because I have seen that in this industry. We are very fortunate in that we kind of pick and choose as to what we want to do and how we want to be represented. I am not hesitant to say if someone is mistreating or abusing or not having any respect for me, I will walk out. That does not bother me. I think it has gotten to a point where the women should be demanding it and it should be expected. The people that are around producing it should expect it too. It's a one on one business. Everyone is there to make money and you make more when everyone is happy. If they are not going to have a good experience, they are not going to come back and you are not going to see it on film. The market is so saturated with a lot of stuff out there but the stuff that is so popular is the reality. You think about all of those reality shows on TV but this is reality in sex. They want to see husbands and wives watch somebody else doing the next door neighbor's mom. Those are real fantasies and they happen.

Big D: You mentioned the word 'saturated' to describe the adult DVD marketplace today. Is it harder to stand out in that type of marketplace even when you are only doing highly niche genres like mature and MILF DVDs?

Deauxma: I think so. I guess in my mind I try to do the best I can and stay true to the person that I am. I share that with everybody. If they can see that inner beauty that comes across, to me that is more appealing. I am not unhappy that my name doesn't get out there. I am really happy with where I am and I've gone tremendous places from where I never expected to go. I'm just happy to be here.

Big D: What else do you have in the works? What else can we expect to see Deauxma?

Deauxma: We're trying to get just a little more diverse. Trying to get a little more mainstream. I'll be doing more reality and more real sex and not so much of the planned script type stuff. I'm just going to keep it real.

Big D: First job?

Deauxma: I worked for Dairy Queen making 60 cents an hour.

Big D: First concert?

Deauxma: Alice Cooper

Big D: First car?

Deauxma: Volkswagen

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Deauxma: It's a mix CD my husband made for me but before that it was the Blue Man Group.

Big D: Favorite food?

Deauxma: Italian.
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Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Deauxma: I don't remember the name of it. It was only on for about two minutes.

Big D: Favorite position?

Deauxma: It's got to be doggy. I like to get up high and grab those boobs and make them bounce.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Deauxma: I'd go to the game. I love sports. Big Spurs fan. Love NASCAR. Love Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. In football we have the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. And in college we are big UT fans. Go Horns! We also like Ohio State.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Deauxma: My hair curler

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Deauxma: That's a tough one because I love comedies. I would say Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved that one. Then of course the funny ones like Wedding Crashers, Talladega Nights and Old School.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Deauxma: Jamaica. Hedonism. Not just Jamaica. You have to go to Hedonism

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Deauxma: Marylyn Monroe

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Deauxma: Rome, Italy. Europe as well. Almost anywhere in Europe.

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