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Desiree Devine

Desiree Devine is an American BBW adult model.

From her page: I am fairly new to the BBW modeling scene. I am 6' tall and weigh in at almost 300 lbs. I am a big girl but extremely well portioned and extremely sexy. I have done a few paid photo shoots and have recently began my career in porn. Currently I have scenes out on, and! If there is anything you would like to know about me, please do not hesitate to ask. You can see more pics of me
on my link.

Birthday: November 9th
Sign: Scorpio
Measurements: 46-54-72
Bra: 46H
Height: 6’0
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Shoe Size: 10.5-11
Dress: 22/24 or 3x
Shirt: 22/24 or 3x
Pants: 22/24 or 3x
Kitty: Shaved
Sexual Orientation: Straight but playful
Fetishes: Spanking
Tattoos: None
Piercings: One in each ear
Hobbies: Shopping

Outstanding Features: Soul piercing blue eyes, lusciously full lips, beautifully pedicured feet, exquisitely manicured hands, soft velvety fair skin, a Rubenesque body that's supple and full of curves and much more.

My Favorites

Colors: Purple and Black
Foods: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean and good ol’ steak and potatoes!
Flowers: Calla Lilies, Roses (Fire & Ice Roses are my favorite) and Orchids
Music: Hip Hop, R & B, Jazz… a variety really!
Movies: Comedy, Romantic comedy and some action and drama
TV: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, and CSI!
Places: Vegas , NY, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, L.A./Hollywood, Tampa and Portland
Scent: Roberto Verino, Hanae Mori (Pink Butterfly), Chance by Chanel & Burberry (oval bottle)

What is your pubic hair style?
How many sexual partners have you had?

Have you ever given someone oral sex?
Yes, I enjoyed it
Have you ever received oral sex?
Yes, I enjoyed it

Have you ever had anal sex?
What is your favorite sexual position?
All of the above

How often do you masturbate?
Every opportunity I get
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex?
Have you ever taken or been in nude photos?

Have you ever been in a pornographic video?
Have you ever had multiple partners at once?
Yes, an orgy

Have you ever watched porn?
Have you ever been to a nude beach or a nudist area?
Yes, I enjoyed it

Have you ever watched or been watched having sex?
Have you ever had an orgasm?

Do you own any sex toys?
Yes, I have multiple
Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Have you ever paid for sex?
Do you participate in BDSM?
Yes, I'm a dominant

Do you enjoy rough sex?
Yes, I prefer it

Desiree Devine Interview : Up Close and Personal

This weekend I did something that you guys can only dream of. Well, unless you’re one of the lucky cats at Sensational Video who get to do stuff like this all the time. Otherwise, I’m still better than you. I had the lovely Miss Desiree Devine naked on my couch spreading her luxurious pussy lips so my husband could get a really good close up . Oh it was a glorious occasion, to finally meet this covergirl and outstanding BBW performer.

Have you seen Big Tits Big Toys 2? You know, the one where Desiree has her enormous 44H boobies hanging out for the world to see, matched only by her deliriously sexy smirk, right on the cover? It’s the one with two hours full of six scrumptious swollen sexpots using huge dildos to get themselves off. The sight of these large lasses bucking and throbbing is more than a man can take. Luckily I’m a woman and I do just fine. Anyway, I found it interesting that I actually had this DVD just sitting on my desk waiting for me to watch it. I didn’t even notice it until after Desiree was done being photographed, we planned to meet again for more artistic shenanigans, and she went on her merry way. It was just there grinning at me, so I had to unwrap it from its glossy plastic and pop it in my DVD drive. I felt a little guilty perving out on the lady right after we had such brilliant conversation, but I really can’t be blamed. I know I’m supposed to be professional and everything, but who can resist a woman of this magnitude? According to her, no man who gets under her stiletto ever wants to go. I believe it.

So in between all the smiling and spreading, Desiree and I managed to get to know each other quite well. Okay, honestly, I got to know her quite well and she knows barely anything about me. But that’s just it. Desiree is so open and honest that it’s disarming. I now know some really personal things about her strength and triumph over major adversity. I’m amazed and honored that she told me about herself so freely. Let me tell you what you really want to know, and we’ll keep the rest for later.

Desiree is actually as sexy in person as she is on film. No lies. She actually dresses like the gorgeous man killer she is. No changing into her super sex hero costume in the phone booth when no one’s looking. She’s just always an astronomical Amazon. When I opened my front door, all six feet of her walked in, and blew my mind. Her smile is infectious, and I could tell I’d be having a good day. There was no vapid silence and strained asking of personal information for the interview. There was immediate connection. Desiree is smart y’all. Really smart. She graduated from high school and college early earning herself a degree in Electronics Engineering degree. She could probably build the most crazy fucking dildo you could imagine, in fact she’s often found piddling around with gadgets in her spare time. She dominates a conversation with interesting wit and humor. I bet if you ever wound up lucky enough to grace her presence you’d go numb with self-consciousness as you realize how strong and intelligent she really is.

I mean that literally and figuratively because Desiree is REALLY strong. In fact, she used to be a body builder before she was a BBW. Due to some rather tragic medical circumstances, our sweet girl gained over two hundred pounds in about half a year and laid that meat right over her muscle. She’s still strong as a pit bull, and now she has the bulk to back up the bark. That comes in really handy when she’s whipping ass.

Uh huh. Now I know you’re getting excited. I just saw those tails of yours start wagging. Desiree is a dominatrix, and a high class one at that. Her clients include men who should really know better, but have the money to do whatever they want anyway. She’s into the really heavy shit too. Smothering. Trampling. Face sitting. Torture. Whipping. Golden Showers! I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked into her bedroom and found a collection of knives and other stainless steel contraptions. I bet she’d be pleased to stretch out your urethra until it’s like an old gay mans asshole if you really wanted her to.

Just in case you’re all wound up now that you know what Desiree gets down like, why don’t you take a voyage on over to her website at You’ll find pictures, films, personal info, and items for sale there. You can buy bits and pieces of her life, if you can afford it. Socks. Panties. Whatever. She’s down to make your dirty dreams come true so you can also e-mail her at If you’ve got the means, she’s got the ends to make you custom videos, or set up a one on one phone call. She might even let you see her in person, if you’re reasonable.

Now, back to the details. Desiree is 25 years old, and a Scorpio. She’s been working in the adult industry for less than a year now, but she’s been a model for the last 15 years. Her measurements are 44H-44-62. Yeah. I totally said 62 inches. She’s nearly 300 pounds of pure sex. All in all, she’s only done about 20 scenes for DVDs, and hasn’t really been in many magazines, but she’s making total adult world domination her priority. She’s starting with her dating habits. Unfortunately for you, she’s really only into dating men who are also adult performers. It just keeps the drama low. Being a porn star has implications and responsibilities that regular Joes just don’t get sometimes, so she likes to keep it in the family. But let’s just say you did happen to be free and open minded enough to catch her eye…you’d definitely have to be strong enough to keep her attentions. Desiree likes her men strong. Just because she’s a Dom, doesn’t mean she likes her men weak. In her personal life, Des likes men who hold the fucking fort down. Tall. Muscle bound. She likes to be handled like a little doll. She’s not going to play submissive, but she will definitely let a man who knows what he wants, take what he wants. The thing is, she’s single now, and really enjoying it. She’s really not into the idea of settling down at the moment. She’s getting a kick out of dating and exploring her options, and trust me, she’s got lots of options. If you still want to try, make sure you’re smart, humorous (even cheesy), sincere, honest, and goal driven because that’s what turns her head.

As for the ladies, Desiree is definitely down with you. She loves the way women look and feel. She’s into a little play here and there. She’s had some fun and sexy experiences on film with her girls, but she’s not going to settle down with one soon. I’d go so far as to say she’s really only Bi when a camera is on. In fact, she’s not catching the subway going downtown for a hot piece of hair pie anytime soon. But she sure as hell isn’t going to tell someone no if they’re willing to drink from her furry cup. I guess that’s her selfish side shining through right there.

So there you have it. A brief but detailed explanation of the phenomenon that is Desiree Devine. You’re going to want to check her out in action, so aside from the two places I mentioned before, you can find her on online at Her page is private for obvious reasons, but go ahead and send her an add request with a cute message, and I’m sure she’ll let you jump on her bandwagon. Also check out Big Lovin’ 6. If you need some help, contact the peeps over at Sensational Video and they’ll give you all the info you need so you can start your collection of Desiree DVDs. You’re definitely going to want to once you’ve seen her work it. Ciao.

BBW Desiree Devine: "It's Hip to Be Fat"

From Desiree Devine wasn’t always a 305-pound porn star. Three years ago, at the age of 23, she had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and was keeping her six-foot frame in athletic shape. She was, literally, half her current weight—150 pounds—she told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview from Florida, where she’s on location for a video shoot.

“Then I got cancer and put on the weight,” she recalled. “I thought my life was going to be over.…Who was going to want me when I was all fat? I thought I was just disgusting.”

Depressed but finished her cancer treatment, Devine didn’t work or socialize much for a year. Then a friend of a friend, who was in the adult-entertainment industry, said she liked Devine’s look. Would she consider appearing in a video with her?

“It was very liberating,” Devine said. “You’re in front of a camera and you lose all your modesty, because the camera picks up every flaw, every piece of cellulite.…At the same time, you take a huge risk because there’s so many people who want to criticize you.…But I’ll take the bad with the good, because the good is so good.”

Now porn is her full-time gig. Her Web site opens with a crotch shot; Devine reclines to reveal her rolls and masturbates with what looks like a cherry Chupa Chups lollipop. Her video credits include Whale Watching 3; Big Tits Big Toys 2, and many others. Devine was one of a handful of entertainers who represented the Big Beautiful Women category for the first time at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, which took place in January at the Sands Expo centre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fat sex is either your thing or it’s not, Devine said. But more and more porn fans, she explained, are admitting their love for BBW. If porn is the ultimate gauge of what’s desirable in the 21st century, Devine’s conclusion is that it’s hip to be fat.


Desiree Devine 1st PUBLIC bus ride L.A.

Desiree Devine & Platinum Puzzy TOP TEN PET PEEVES

BODacious Ladies On

For years Plus Size men and women have been discriminated against. There is constant bombardment from the media and the fashion industry to be stick thin. BODacious Inc. is trying to change society's perception of full figured people. The plus size community is not ugly, lazy or stupid; as what is portrayed by today's media. Our goal is to change the view of the world about our under represented plus size community.

Our first step in doing this is attempting to put an additional meaning of the word bodacious in the Websters dictionary. We believe full figured people should have size positive words that represent them instead of the negativity that surrounds the community today.

There is a petition at where you can stand up for plus size rights and encouraged a positive spin in describing a fat person. If you would like to support our cause, please sign our petition, because its not only our petition, its yours. --- What's YOUR number?


BBW Desiree Devine - 14 min

BBW Desiree Devine

Desiree Devine hot BBW

BBW Hunter - Desiree

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