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Teanna kai

Teanna Kai (born March 25, 1978) is the professional name of an Asian American pornographic actress and adult model.


Kai has given conflicting stories in public interviews. She sometimes claims she is half-Hawaiian and half-Filipina and was born in Manila, saying she came to America in 1994 and settled in Stockton, California.

She has also claimed she is Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam, escaping with her parents to Singapore as a child. Her family then allegedly settled in Minnesota, later moving to California.

Kai says she grew up in a large family with parents who were "really strict". Nevertheless, she was a cheerleader in high school.

Adult entertainment career

Teanna Kai was the Pet of the Month for Penthouse Magazine for October 2001.

Her first scenes in the pornographic films were with Ed Powers and Don Fernando; however, she claims that she felt pressured into performing with them and only wanted to perform girl/girl scenes. She did several boy/girl photo shoots under the name "Kayla" that appeared in Foxes adult magazine.

Kai claims she was trying to keep her porn career low-key to keep her parents from finding out. She has described herself as bisexual


During my stint in the Navy during the '60s, I quickly learned that Asian women know how to take care of their man - sexually and otherwise! My time spent in the Philippines was exciting because I was only 17-years-old when I arrived. Phillipino women taught me a lot about sex. I'll never forget those days! When Teanna Kai came to Bazooka's Showgirls recently, I had to catch up with this Asian hottie that I heard was sizzling on film. After seeing her on stage live, I had a boner that wouldn't quit. I sat down with Teanna in her dressing room shortly after one of her stage shows. Teanna was very candid about her life and porn. - Words And Live Photos By Rick Ryan

RICK RYAN: I'm here at Bazooka Showgirls in Kansas City and I'm talking with porn star Teanna Kai. Teanna, why don't we start out with letting people know where you're originally from and a description of yourself.

TEANNA KAI: I guess I'm Asian. I'm half Hawaiian and half Philippine. I was born in the Philippines in Manila in March of 1978. I'm about 5'3", 100lbs. dark long hair, big eyes, nice tan body, tight and toned, and big boobies with big nipples.

RR: Now how long have you been in the porn business?

TK: I have been in it for about six years.

RR: What led you to get into porn?

TK: Let me see, well, because I wanted to find a job that is flexible with my time and where I could be my own boss. I can work whenever I want. I was a cosmetologist for a long time so I worked at a salon. I was like... I didn't like the hours and people would boss me around and tell me what to do and stuff.

RR: I guess at a hair salon there isn't enough sex either, right?

TK: Right! I love sex too much to put up with a boring hair salon job.

RR: Did you meet somebody that told you about the porn business or how did it come about?

TK: Well, it started out as a hobby actually. I didn't really plan to get into as a business. I just do it for fun. Basically I just answered a newspaper ad and ever since I got stuck in it and I just can't get out. It's the money and the sex.

RR: Why yeah.

TK: It keeps me going!

RR: Both can be very addicting.

TK: Yes, very, especially the sex. Not the money, the sex. I enjoy sex over money.

RR: So you went straight from being a hairdresser into porn?

TK: Correct.

RR: Well, that is interesting. There are a lot of girls who were possibly house dancers at a topless club before they got into porn, so you are sort of one of those unusual cases.

TK: Well, my fantasy was to be a dancer like a stripper. I was always really scared to do it because I didn't feel confident of myself. I always felt insecure about myself. That was before I got my boobies done you know, and I was like, no, I can't do it! I can't do it! But once I got my boobs done I felt a little more confident with myself. I never tried dancing in a club; it is just not my thing. I don't feel comfortable coming up to the guy and asking them if they want to get a lap dance? I don't like rejection basically.

RR: Well, nobody likes rejection.

TK: Oh no! But I just didn't know whether I could handle it very well.

RR: When you're not on the road chilling out at home, what do you do at home?

TK: Basically I'm very busy. I'm on the road all the time and on the go all the time. When I'm not on the road I'm basically either doing a shoot for movies or photo shoots. If I'm not doing a shoot, I just kind of hang around the home laying around watching TV and just eating and sleeping, basically.

RR: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

TK: I like Fear Factor! I love reality shows because it is more real.

RR: Would you ever go on Fear Factor?

TK: I watch every episode there is. I probably wouldn't go up there but I would go with a friend or a boyfriend or somebody that encouraged me and can motivate me to do it. I don't know if I can eat any like earthworms and stuff like that. But I watch so much that it has registered in my head, ok, I can do it. But I would! I would do it definitely! The only thing I couldn't do is... I probably can't swim but as long as they gave me a life jacket I probably could.

RR: Is there any type of music you enjoy more than any other?

TK: I love the 80's rock. I like the 80's very, very much. Then I like trends. I like techno. I don't really care for hip-hop or rap. They are to get up for me. I'm too sexy for those kinds of music.

RR: What was it like when you made your first movie?

TK: Well, my first photo shoot I was a nervous wreck. I started out doing photo shoots by myself and then it led into girl- girl photo shoots. Then into girl- girl videos. When I first started I didn't really know what to do with a girl. I didn't even know how to eat pussy, you know, but I've done so much and for a long period of time that I am pretty much of an expert now. I can open a closet to tell the girls or guys out there how to eat pussy. Very good. I'm an expert now.

RR: Now who was your teacher in eating pussy?

TK: Basically nobody, I just kind of learned on my own or I guess I don't' know. For example, I worked with so many girls and a lot of girls tell me what feels good and what don't feel good. They kept telling me and I just kept learning from there.

RR: Well, I wish I were in your shoes. I don't mind eating pussy at all myself.

TK: I eat so much I'm getting sick of it.

RR: (Laughing) I'd never get sick of it.

TK: Well, you know what I mean. I need a break ever now and then.

RR: Now how long do you plan to stay in the porn business and if you stop doing porn would you go back to hairdressing?

TK: Definitely not! I'm so spoiled. I make good money now but I would not go back to a normal job. And when someone told me like, yeah, I work here eight hours a day, it's like I know they are getting minimum wage. Oh my god, that must suck! They tell me like, oh, I make like $150 for the day. I'm like really that is nothing because I make good money at what I do. I would not go back to my normal job. I would probably have my own production company and produce my own movies as I have my name built up to the point where I don't have to do or work for anybody else anymore. So right now I'm a just feature twice a month and then I have a web site I maintain monthly that is a good income as well.

RR: What is that?

TK: That and then I do movies for myself and basically that is just it. Eventually I want to get out of the business in maybe another couple years or so, and then start my own production company. And then have a family!

RR: Haven't you dome something for Penthouse Magazine?

TK: Yes. I was the October 2001 Penthouse Cover Girl and Pet of the Month Of course, I've done photo shoots for several magazines.

RR: Can you give us some of the titles of the movies you've made?

TK: Oh, there's so many, but I'll try. "Nurse Teanna," "Color Blind 9," "Blue Screen," "Sweet Poontang," "Girl Thing 4," "Girl's Affair 38," "Porn in the Morn," "South of Eden," "The Escort" and "Nymph Fever 2."

RR: Is there any last words you would like to say to your fans?

TK: I want to tell everyone out there that thanks for being there for me and if it weren't for them I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't be Teanna Kai. I just want to thank them for their support.

When Teanna Kai arrived in the porn business in 1999, she made an impact right away with her steamy sex scenes. But why not? Asian girls make hot bed partners - on and off the screen! I'd like to thank Tenna Kai, the owner of Bazooka's Showgirls, the dancers and club management for a great time. For more information on Bazooka's Showgirls call (816) 421-1915. The number one club in Kansas City, Missouri for nude entertainment and couch dances.

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