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Tarra White

Aliases: Susie, Tarra Light, Chrissy, Martha Nubiles, Martha
Country: Czech Republic
State: Praha
Town: Prague
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 1987-11-19
Eye: Blue
Hair: Brunette
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Cup: DD
Measurements: 34DD-24-35

Tarra White (born on 19 November 1987 in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, as Martina Mrakviová) is an award-winning Czech pornographic actress. She is a contract performer for Private Media Group.


At the age of five, Tarra White wanted to be a stripper when she grew up and would practice stripping in her bedroom. By age thirteen, she aspired to be a porn star and practiced posing with her mother's high heel shoes. Her mother caught her practicing and was unhappy when she learned about her daughter's ambitions. Tarra White first had sex at the age of 16.

Tarra White entered the adult industry on her eighteenth birthday while still in high school. She shot her first scene with Robert Rosenberg in public in front of the University of Prague. She was so stressed about being naked in front of many people in the middle of the street that she kept forgetting to look at the camera.

Tarra White wrote a blog for the Private Sexclusive series that is updated bi-weekly with news and photos.

Since May 2008, Tarra White, as Martina Mrakviová, is one of anchors in "Red News" (a program where female anchors strip as they read the news, similar to Naked News), on a website operated by Czech TV Nova. &

Tarra White (Ostrava, 19 de noviembre de 1987) es una actriz porno checa.


Apasionada del sexo Tarra rueda su primera escena con tan solo 18 años frente a la Universidad Carolina en su Chequia natal. En julio de 2006 decide operarse el pecho. En 2007 ficha por Private apareciendo en numerosas producciones de la compañía.

En 2008 se convierte en uno de los pilares del programa RedNews emitido por TV Nova en el cual la actriz lee noticias de actualidad a la vez que se desnuda.

Ese mismo año se une al elenco habitual de la producciones de Marc Dorcel apareciendo en películas como Ritual (2008),Tarra's Sex Tape (2009), Pornochic 18: Tarra (2009) o Fuck VIP Fury (2010).

Es muy habitual verla practicando sexo anal.

Tarra (in) White

I would like to introduce you very special girl who became to be porn star this year. When I meet this girl first time I was doing her make up, she was absolutely normal looking nice girl but when she got her make up done I was very surprised how beautiful she is. When I asked her why she start with porn she surprised me again. She told me that from her fourteen she was dreaming to be porn star and she was just waiting to turn eighteen to start with that! I thing she is very special girl for this industry and she will have a big and unforgettable carrier. Right now she is one of the best Europian starlets and she is shining like beautiful diamond in the best magazines and productions. Her name is Tarra White.

MadSexParty shoot

Stage name: Tarra White
Age: 19
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite color: white, pink and red
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite drink: Coca cola
Favorite movie: Cruel intentions
Favorite music: everything except brass bands :-)
Favorite animal: dog ( Tarra has bright new puppy, Yorkshire terrier calls “DP�)
Favorite position: spoon and doggie


What was your firs experience with porn and how was it?

I shoot my first scene for Robert Rosenberg and it was public sex, I was very nervous but it was unforgettable experience for me.

What was your best scene what you ever shoot?

It was with my boyfriend and my roommate together, it was a lot of fun and very sexual.

What do you really hate on set?

I hate when I am waiting ten hours for 15 minutes scene, I cannot stand this, they should count better with time. When people are waiting to much they can never do same great job like when they are fresh.

Do you travel a lot doing your job? Which countries or cities did you visit and how was it?

The most emotional was Venezia for me and I also like very much when I was in Emirates in Dubai.

Do you like to shoot gonzo or features better?

Sometimes I like fast and rough gonzo and sometimes I like to work on big feature with dialogs, I don’t mind, I like both, I love porn :-) .

Did you ever have orgasm during the scene?

I did many times, mostly during vaginal sex.

Did you ever have sex with another girl in private life?

Yes, it was amazing experience for me and after that I thought I am lesbian. But then I found out I am not :-) , I cannot be without sex with man so I am bi:-).

Do you have favorite girls in biz who you really like to work with?

Yes, I love to work with Monica Sveetheard and Rita Faltoyano but also with many other girls :-) .

What was your biggest sexual fantasies before you start work in porn and you satisfy them doing it?

I had a lot :-) , sex on public, get fucked on Ferrari, gang bang etc. I didn’t satisfy them all:-) yet but I am sure I will…

What is the biggest difference between sex on set and in your private life?

It is about sex and fun on set and about passions and love in my private life. But sometimes I am bad girl :-) .

What is you sexual dream what you didn’t realize yet?

I would love to go to some private swingers party to have sex with some celebrity.

How old you’d been when you have sex first time in your life and how was it?

It was so crazy I was sixteen and I don’t really remember that guy but it was very crazy!

What was the craziest place where you ever have sex with your boyfriend?

In public park on the bench :-) .

What about your hobbies, what you like to do when you have time off?

I love sex :-) , dance, parties, sleep and a lot of good food!

What kind of school you have done?

I didn’t finished high school because I start to travel a lot…

How should looks perfect partner for you for life?

He must be very sexual and able to fuck me so good anytime and he must accept my job.

How did biz changed your life and what about your family and friends, what they thing about that?

Porn gave me my own money, traveling what I like so much and liberty. My family and friends were all complain about that first but then they just accept it and they don’t care now.

How long you want to stay in biz as far?

As long as I can and after that I would love to have my own production.

Do you have some other plans for the future?

Sure, I want my own family, kids and I want to be rich :-) and travel and I want to visit USA, Cuba and Sumatra.

Talking with Tarra White

arra White is everything a man could want. She’s a busty blonde nympho who loves doing porn, and she’s quick-witted and fun to be around. Alessandro Del Mar says she’s the best actress in the business right now, and she’s already starred in many of his tropical sizzlers. Private’s finest movies of late all include her, like Virgin Dreams 2 and last January’s acclaimed Party Babes.

Do you have any special memories from your first porn shoot?

Yes, I remembered that I had butterflies in my belly. I didn’t really know what to expect and then it turn out that we were shooting in front of the University of Prague! Can you imagine?! I was totally naked in front of lots of people in the middle of the street! The shot was a POV and it was a bit stressful, so I kept forgetting to look in to the camera … I’ll never forget that experience!

pornstar quote

Do you have a partner? If so, what does he or she think of you working in porn?

Yes!! I have a boyfriend now. It’s Martin Gun and he is a porn star too! He is jealous sometimes so we don’t exchange details of what we have been shooting. We only tell each other where we are going, what locations we will be shooting at and with who.

When was the first time you had sex?

I was 16 years old. A friend and I were at a night club dancing and we were a little bit drunk, and so I asked my friend if he wanted to do me the favour to take my virginity. He said of course YES! Ha ha! How sweet of him!

Do you have any limits when it comes to sex?

Hummm … No golden showers or scat of course … no vomiting … I have heard about snuff movies where they actually kill the girl FOR REAL after the sex and they shoot it all! This is something terrible and I really feel for the girls that this has happened to. It’s awful … I do not feel very comfortable when I have to be too submissive or tied up in ropes. I just starred in Steve Drakos’ Anal Motor Bitches by Private where there was quite a lot of bondage, but it was okay because it was only my tits that were tied up and as long as I can have my hands free it’s all right.

Are there any particularly difficult moments in porn?

Yes, when there is no chemistry between you and the actor. Sometimes when I don’t even like my sex partner, I feel uncomfortable.

Why did you decide to become a porn star?

Ha ha ha! When I was five years old I wanted to be a stripper and I stripped by myself in my bed room. When I was thirteen I wanted to be a porn star, and I used to pose in front of the mirror at home in my mothers high heel shoes. Once my mother caught me and asked me what I was doing and when I told her I was practising to be a porn star, she was NOT very happy!! Ha ha!

Who is you favourite director and in what country do you prefer to shoot?

I really can’t name one favourite director as I do not wish to offend anyone … I really like all of Private’s directors and I especially enjoy filming for Private as they have big budgets and take us to exotic and luxurious locations. I would really like to film in the US but it is difficult to get a visa … I would really like to see California and Miami. I would also like to film in Japan since they have a different and interesting culture. And I LOVE Sushi!

Who are the king and queen of porn according to you?

Rocco Siffredi! He is Italian and has a HUGE cock!! I really like Tarra Patrick, Jenna Jameson and of course Silvia Saint.

What do you think of ¨feminine porn¨? Porn made for women?

I really like it! I have worked with Anita Rinaldi for Private when we shot Sexy Santa and it is my favourite movie. Anita has a different and interesting view of sex; very sensual, making love with your eyes and the emotional part is being more focused on. Well, women are really more sensual than men in general …

Do you enjoy sex as much personally as you seem to enjoy it in the movies?

I practise sex with my boyfriend about three times a week and I must admit that it is totally different compared having sex with an actor in a film. Occasionally I want more sex and then my boyfriend is always there for me!

What are you next projects?

I am shooting a lot with Private lately; as I mentioned earlier I just shot Anal Motor Bitches but also Anal Tropical Gonzo and Sex & Lies In The Caribbean. I am also the presenter of an erotic IPTV program on prime time in the Czech Republic!!

Are you bisexual? Do you enjoy doing lesbian scenes?

Yes, I am bisexual, but unfortunately I never find any girls in Prague that want to fuck! The Czech Republican girls are still in the closet and there really are no places to meet. Personally I prefer feminine girls like myself.

Where do your dreams take you in porn? What are your goals?

Anywhere it can take me! Is anyone from Hollywood reading this?! I am open for offers!! Ha ha! I want to live my life to the maximum and enjoy every minute of it!

Have you ever encountered problems being a porn star?

When I was in high school a school mate found pictures of me on the internet and posted them on the walls in school. It was irritating then, but years later the head master of that same high school came in to a sex shop and asked me to sign a poster so I guess he was jerking off thinking of me! Ha ha!

bisexual quote

What is the secret of your success?

I honestly appreciate everything everyone does for me. I am very appreciative and always try to let people know that I am thankful for what they do for me. As for my physique, people tell me I have seductive eyes. I am very present in front of the camera.

What is the star moment in your career until today?

The awards I have received!! In 2006 I was rewarded a ¨Golden Star¨ for ¨Best Starlet¨ at the Prague Erotica Ceremony and one year later I was rewarded a ¨Golden Star¨ for ¨Best Czech Republican Porn Actress¨ at the same ceremony.

Thank you so much Tarra for letting us have this interview with you!

You are very welcome! I wish to thank you for your interest in me and I hope your readers will watch my movies and have a great time while doing it! Kisses!

This interview was conducted in late February, 2008

Pikantní rozhovor s českou pornohvězdou

Dvaadvacetiletá Tarra White, vlastním jménem Martina Mrakviová, patří mezi nejúspěšnější české pornoherečky. Před pár týdny přebrala dokonce v Berlíně cenu pro nejlepší evropskou pornoherečku. poskytla exkluzivní rozhovor.

Tarro, právě jste v Austrálii, co tam děláte?
Jsem tu na místním největším erotickém veletrhu a děláme tu promotion našim filmům.

Kdy vás budou moci potkat vaši fanoušci v Česku?
Už za pár dní. Vracím se totiž domů na veletrh Erotica Sex 2009. Téhle akce se účastním pravidelně, moc se na ni těším a všechny své fanoušky bych chtěla pozvat na své vystoupení na pražské Výstaviště, kde se veletrh koná od pátého do osmého listopadu.

V čem bude vaše vystoupení spočívat?
Půjde o strip show, která bude doplněna sólo masturbací. Co dalšího předvedu, bych ale nerada prozrazovala, protože je to velké překvapení. Každopádně celkem na veletrhu předvedu tři taková představení.
Tara White
Foto: Tarra White
Poslední rok pro vás byl velmi úspěšný, zařadila jste se mezi nejrespektovanější herečky v pornobranži. Kdo je v tomto odvětví v současnosti největší hvězdou?
Mezi muži je to určitě Rocco Siffredi. To je největší hvězda už mnoho let. On se sice před časem vydal na odpočinek, ale dlouho tam nevydržel a vrátil se. Opět točí a jde mu to opravdu hodně dobře. Právě Rocco bude i největší hvězdou veletrhu Erotica Sex 2009. Ve čtvrtek, pátého listopadu, dokonce přímo na veletrhu udělá casting, na který je pozvána padesátka nejlepších českých hereček.

Jaký vztah a zkušenost máte s Roccem vy?
Známe se, hodně se spolu bavíme. On je neuvěřitelně milý člověk.

A kdo je největší pornohvězdou mezi ženami?
Domnívám se, že teď úplně nejvíc frčí blonďatá sexbomba Jesse Jane, se kterou jsem právě tady v Austrálii.

Vy jste před časem na chvíli pornobranži opustila a pracovala jste pro televizi Nova, kde jste na internetu uváděla takzvané nahé zprávy. Jak na to vzpomínáte?
Moc ráda. Ta práce mne strašně bavila. Bylo to něco úplně jiného. Musela jsem se naučit mluvit před kamerou, což jsem před tím nikdy nedělala (smích). Bohužel Nova nakonec ten projekt zastavila. Možná se objevím v nějakém dalším podobném pořadu, ale zatím to není vůbec jisté. Kdo mě tak bude chtít vidět v akci, tak nejbližší příležitost má na tom zmiňovaném veletrhu Erotica Sex 2009.

Jak vlastně vypadá takový život pornoherečky? Kolik filmů ročně natočíte?
Tak letos jsem tolik netočila, protože jsme hodně dělali promotion našim projektům. Ale v průměru natočím za rok tak šest až deset filmů. Točí se po celém světě, takže je s tím spojeno i velké množství cestování.

Chystáte pro své fanoušky nějaké překvapení?
V novém roce bych už konečně ráda spustila vlastní internetové stránky. To by měla být velká pecka.

Tarra White iniciándose en un GangBang

Hey Gang! Teach Me to Bang! es una intensa serie pornográfica que se adentra en los primeros GangBang de algunas de las mayores promesas del porno. La escena que he escogido para hoy la protagoniza Tarra White, jovencita checa experta en bukkakes y felaciones pero ingenua y torpe para hacérselo con 4 pollas al mismo tiempo. Se trata del típico GangBang en el que hay anal, dobles penetraciones y bukkake, y en el que cuatro expertos actores como Bruno SX, Leslie Taylor, Dieter von Stein y Zenza Raggi inician a una inocente señorita en el sexo en grupo. Gracias a Dario

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