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Bea Dumas - German Mature

* German, now based in Holland


* Bea
* Beate
* Ilse

Bea Dumas, Aktrice confirms it into to the thirty Pornovideos. The 44jährige lives with married man at the Belgian border. “We began in Swingerclubs. That made fun for me.” Beas man works at the Aachener public utilities as an engineer. Its teammates know from the jobs of his wife. The neighbours not.

As is the case for many actors also Beas career began with a film named “Streetlife” or “boulevard”. In this new variant of the category women or pairs are shown, who are responded directly to the road and persuaded to the Casting in a hotel or an apartment. There they sit then on the sofa, housewives and shop assistants, before current camera. They reveal themselves in each regard, while the so-called moderator asks for Sexpraktiken and Dessousfarben: “You, show nevertheless times. That sees geil out…” The apparent authenticity makes the dialogues erotisch. The word excites the viewer, not the act.

In Austria it wants to set itself to the peace, with sea-view which idiom! The consumer experiences the continuation of the daily talc showExhibitionismus up to the imported Dildo or carried out act in these videos. “Model for this Strassenflirts was Ugly Joe”, that New Yorker cult figure of the late seventies, explains Dino. From Andy be-get estimated, quatschte Joe of pairs and Passantinnen on obszöne way on and held the camera the frightened ones.

Josef Baumberger (“everyone is a voyeur and an exhibitionist”) is astonished at this new trend. “The Pornofilm”, he does not say somewhat helpless, “is a correct feature, in addition, no documentary film. It lies in between somewhere.”

With “Streetlife” - films DBM approximates the documentary film. Whether Dino knows?


* Der Alte im Kasten und die Beine breit
* Anales Casting 5 "Reife Damen" DVD available
* Arena Extrem 37 DVD available (?? or is it Bea [4]?)
* Arschgefickte Pissfotzen (?? or is it Bea [4]?)
* Aunty Pee DVD available
* Le Avventure Sessuali di un Clown
* Babette im Netz 2002 DVD available
* Das Beste aus reife Damen, junge Männer Teil 3
* Besuch Bei Tante Ilse
* Die brünstige Erbtante DVD available Suppliers listed
* Casanova alternative title for Der junge Casanova (as Hillary or Maria)
* Doktor Spiele
* Dr. Faust Dir. Ralph Flash Notes available
* Exklusiv Tattoo 3 DVD available
* Exklusiv Tattoo 4 DVD available

* Familien Bande
* Familien Sex 1 Suppliers listed
* Familien Sex 2 Suppliers listed
* Familien Sex 3 Suppliers listed
* Familien Sex 6 Suppliers listed
* Feiner Pinkel (?? or is it Bea [4]?)
* Fotzen Razzia Suppliers listed (?? or is it Bea [4]?)
* Geil mit 40! Teil 2 DVD available Suppliers listed
* Geil mit 40! Teil 3 DVD available Notes available Suppliers listed (as Beate (as Ilse on the cover))
* Geil mit 40! Teil 4 DVD available Suppliers listed
* Geil mit 40! Teil 7 Suppliers listed
* German Inzest
* Inzest - Familie Matuschek
* Inzest - Mutter leckt die Familien Fotzen und Schwänze aus! DVD available
* Der junge Casanova DVD available (as Hillary or Maria)
* Mature Kink 24 alternative title for Reife Damen, junge Männer 14 Suppliers listed
* Mutter leckt die Familien Fotzen und Schwänze aus! alternative title for Inzest - Mutter leckt die Familien Fotzen und Schwänze aus!
* Oldies but Goldies, über 50 aber geil wie eh ubd jeh
* Oma die alte Dildoverkäuferin DVD available
* Orgie der Pisseschlucker (as Bea)
* Reife Damen, junge Männer 14 DVD available Suppliers listed
* Reife Damen, junge Männer 22
* Sg-Familiensex 6 (as Bea (or is it Bea[4]?))

* Sperm Letters ?, Dir. ? DVD available
* Sperrgebiet 31
* Street and Panty Pisser 19
* Sündhafter Familienpuff DVD available Suppliers listed
* U 50: und sie Ficken immer noch! 2007 DVD available
* Urine Showers DVD available (or is it Bea [4]?)
* Urinsüchtig (hier als Dolly)
* Uromania 1 1999 DVD available Suppliers listed
* Uromania 2 1999 Suppliers listed
* Wa(h)re Liebe 1994-2004 Notes available

Bea Dumas - 20 min

Gangbang - Filthy mature cum slut takes gallons of sperm - 23 min

Bea Dumas - Blonde mature babe gets some hardcore action.





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